Dave Dobbins is Legacy’s Chief Operating Officer, providing senior management for the foundation’s programmatic activities, including its public education campaigns, grantmaking, research and other efforts.

Mr. Dobbins began his career as an attorney in private practice doing complex litigation, intellectual property and corporate transactions.  One of his very first cases was working on the team defending noted tobacco industry whistleblower Dr. Jeffrey Wigand from claims brought against him by the tobacco company Brown & Williamson.  Mr. Dobbins also worked on nationwide class action suits brought against the insurance industry, based on the industry’s claims processing procedures. In that capacity, he served as a lead coordinator in a multi-party team addressing legal issues relating to that matter.  In his corporate practice, Mr. Dobbins led acquisitions projects for a major publishing client and government contractor and oversaw the intellectual property portfolios of both of these clients.

Mr. Dobbins joined Legacy in 2002 as its Associate General Counsel overseeing the legal elements of the foundation’s business practices and intellectual property portfolio.  He was also actively involved in defending the foundation in litigation against the Lorillard Tobacco Company. Legacy ultimately prevailed against Lorillard’s claims that it’s truth® youth smoking prevention campaign constituted “vilification” and “personal attacks” prohibited by the Master Settlement Agreement.

Mr. Dobbins is a graduate of the University of Missouri and the University of Michigan Law School.