Across the country, thousands of committed individuals work each day to improve the lives of the people in their communities through tobacco prevention and cessation. At Legacy, we know that the work they do provides a solid foundation that supports our efforts.

To provide recognition for their passion and dedication, we offer the following award and scholarship opportunities:

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Benjamin Chu Breakthrough Award

Nominate an individual or team who were responsible for a significant or sudden advance in tobacco use and dependence based on a development or achievement in research, policy or systems that resulted in dramatic progress over the status quo. Deadline: February 7, 2014.

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Community Activist Award

Our Community Activist award recognizes outstanding individuals that are engaged in tobacco control at the local level and have made meaningful contributions to their community.

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Benjamin Chu Integration Award

Nominate a health care delivery system for its outstanding accomplishments in addressing tobacco use and dependence in its practice as evidenced by positive outcomes. Deadline: February 7, 2014.


Dr. Alma S. Adams Scholarships

These two scholarships are awarded to students for outstanding community service and the use of artistic abilities to increase awareness about the toll of tobacco in underserved communities.  The awards are named after our former Board member Dr. Alma S. Adams, a professional artist, educator and North Carolina state legislator.

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