The purpose of the Integration award is to recognize a health care delivery system for its outstanding accomplishments in addressing tobacco use and dependence in its practice as evidenced by positive outcomes.  The winning entry will serve as a leading-edge model of systems integration.  The award is limited to work conducted in the United States.  A $10,000 prize will accompany the award.

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The Benjamin K. Chu Tobacco Use and Dependence Integration Award was created in honor of Dr. Chu’s unwavering service to Legacy.

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Eligible applicants include public or private health care delivery systems and their partners that have:

  • Implemented a clinical workflow and technology-based system to address tobacco use consistently among patients in their organization;
  • Maintained the systems change for a minimum of three (3) years; and
  • Captured and reported data on the impact of the systems change on patient population tobacco use prevalence and overall health.


Application Process

Eligibility is limited to work conducted in the United States.

Award nominations, either self- or third party, will include the following items:

√  A double-spaced narrative entry of no more than five (5) pages will:

  • Provide an overview of your health care delivery system and the population of patients served;
  • Outline the goals, objectives and outcome measures established at the outset;
  • Describe the system changes implemented to achieve these goals, together with data supporting that sustained system changes have been achieved (i.e. process measures);
  • Describe data collection and feedback methods to assess process and outcomes (e.g. data extraction from EMR, registry);
  • Provide results of the systems change on rates of treatment access/utilization; patient population health (e.g. reductions in tobacco use; improved patient population health);
  • Explain the implementation approach, including adaptations along the way that demonstrate lessons learned; 
  • Review barriers to implementation and how they were overcome; and
  • Plans for the future, if any.

√  Letter(s) of support (optional; maximum of three (3))

√  Supporting documents (optional; maximum of five (5))


Award Review Process

A panel of individual experts selected by Legacy will review and score award nominations. One entry will be selected for recognition.

Click the button below to start a nomination. Please be sure that all of your materials are prepared before continuing to the next step.