The purpose of the Breakthrough award is to recognize an individual or team of individuals who were most responsible for a significant or sudden advance in tobacco use and dependence based on a development or achievement in research, policy or systems that resulted in dramatic progress over the status quo.  The winning entry will document the effect of the breakthrough and its link to reducing smokers’ addiction to tobacco products in the United States.  

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The Benjamin K. Chu Tobacco Use and Dependence Breakthrough Award was created in honor of Dr. Chu’s unwavering service to Legacy. 

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Consideration for this award will be limited to an individual or team of individuals responsible for a breakthrough in addressing tobacco use and dependence wherein the nominee acted upon a visionary idea that spurred innovation and resulted in a marked change in helping individuals end their tobacco dependence. The award is limited to work conducted in the United States. A $10,000 prize will accompany the award.


Application Process


√  A self or peer nomination narrative entry of no more than five (5) double-spaced pages will be submitted to address the following:

  • Situation: Describe the status quo prior to the breakthrough, including the barrier(s), unmet opportunity and/or the research, policy or systems challenge.
  • Concept: Explain the breakthrough idea, how it was developed, explored and/or tested and its evolution, including how challenges were overcome.
  • Results: Discuss the immediate, short-term and long-term outcomes of the breakthrough including its implementation, dissemination, translation, and adoption and/or replication; also address lessons learned and/or potential for future impact.
  • Change-Agent: Outline the role(s) the nominee played in bringing about the breakthrough from concept to adoption, including but not limited to vision, creativity, courage, leadership, advocacy, and collaboration.  

√  Up to three (3) letter(s) of support (optional)

√  Up to five (5) supporting documents  (optional)


Award Review Process

A panel of individual experts selected by Legacy will review and score award nominations. One entry will be selected for recognition.

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