Annual Woman’s Health Congress

March 22, 2013

Legacy will be an exhibitor at the Academy of Woman’s Health Congress; we’ll be promoting our resources to the more than 1,000 physicians, nurses and health professionals expected to attend.

Tobacco Use in LGBT Communities

December 11, 2012

Legacy and the Human Rights Campaign hosted a panel discussion examining the socio-cultural factors influencing tobacco use in LGBT communities in the US, which lead to high prevalence rates, disease and loss of life.

Tobacco Control Policy and Trade Negotiations: Bartering Away the Will of the People

October 17, 2012

On October 17, Legacy hosted an important discussion exploring the complex issues surrounding the Transpacific Partnership Agreement, the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control and their implications for U.S. tobacco control. The lecture delved into the regulation of clove and menthol products and other tobacco control and public health policies at risk of being negotiated away or overturned, undoing years of progress in the tobacco control movement.

A Hidden Epidemic: Tobacco Use and Mental Illness

May 31, 2012

In May 2012, for Mental Health Awareness Month, Legacy hosted a special Warner Series Lecture to address a devastating trend in public health: tobacco use and mental illness. Panelists explored the complex issues inherent to the disproportionately high prevalence of smoking among those with mental health issues and outlined some of the barriers to the full integration of tobacco control into mental health systems.

Tobacco: A Winnable Battle for America's Armed Forces

November 10, 2011

In honor of Veterans Day, Legacy hosted a thought-leader discussion focused on smoking in the military and how curtailing tobacco use among military families stands to dramatically improve health, save lives and save money in the armed forces.

After Tobacco: What Would Happen if Americans Stopped Smoking?

October 19, 2011

To coincide with a new book released in August 2011 from Columbia University Press, entitled, After Tobacco: What Would Happen if Americans Stopped Smoking? Legacy hosted a forward-thinking discussion on what America might look like if and when smoking rates plummet to historic lows.

Smoking on Television

February 18, 2011

New findings from research in the February 2011 Archives of Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine shows that substantial amounts of tobacco images are present in television programming popular among youth.

FDA Impact

June 16, 2010

As the one-year anniversary of the passage of The Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act neared, this event provided a thought-provoking, forward-looking discussion of the law, the programmatic and regulatory landscape and the impact of modified risk products on tobacco.

Youth Marketing

March 25, 2010

2010 marked the tenth anniversary of the truth® youth smoking prevention campaign. See how this campaign engaged young people in a 21st century media landscape.


September 16, 2009

As part of its 10-year Anniversary Thought Leadership Series, the American Legacy Foundation® hosted a panel discussion on e-cigarettes.