Medrano’s Commitment to Ending Tobacco Seats Him on Board of Leading National Tobacco Control Organization

Release Date:

June 9, 2014

Washington, D.C. – Legacy, the national anti-smoking organization best known for the truth® youth smoking prevention campaign, has selected 18-year old Mauro Medrano to serve on its Board of Directors. Medrano, a young and passionate tobacco control advocate, will serve an 18-month term as a Youth Board Liaison, providing an important perspective for Legacy in its work to create a tobacco free generation.

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Robin Koval, President and CEO of Legacy said, “As we move towards a world of changing tobacco trends, it is vital that we hear the youth voice to guide our efforts. We serve a generation that is the prime target for evolving tobacco products such as electronic cigarettes, little cigars, hookah and more, so youth participation in our decision making process is crucial to our success.”

Hailing from Dodge City, KS, Mauro works with the Tobacco Free Kansas Coalition and RESIST- Fighting the Influence of Big Tobacco, its youth-led tobacco prevention movement. Medrano is also a former graduate of the 2013 Youth Leadership Institute, which develops, trains and empowers young people with the skills to advocate in tobacco control in their local communities. 

Medrano has been leading and empowering RESIST youth to develop community specific tobacco prevention initiatives over the last several years. Active in conducting monthly cigarette butt clean-ups, Medrano has also arranged youth-oriented tobacco awareness events in his home town. His motivation stems from wanting to make rural America a healthier place to live. His commitment to tobacco control not only stems from his passion for equal access to clean and safe environments, but also from his desire to help his friends quit tobacco use.

“Working with the Tobacco Free Kansas Coalition helped develop me into the tobacco and environmental advocate I am today,” said Mauro. “I believe that youth are critical in advancing the tobacco control movement and I’m honored at the opportunity to work with Legacy – serving on the Board is truly an honor and I will do whatever it takes to help my generation move closer to one that is free of tobacco.” 

Medrano will serve on Legacy’s Board along with two state attorney’s general, elected state officials, and public health and tobacco control leaders. His appointment begins on May 9, 2014.


Legacy envisions an America where tobacco is a thing of the past, where all youth and young adults reject tobacco use.  Legacy’s proven-effective and nationally recognized public education programs include truth®, the national youth smoking prevention campaign that has been cited as contributing to significant declines in youth smoking; EX®, an innovative public health program designed to speak to smokers in their own language and change the way they approach quitting; and research initiatives exploring the causes, consequences and approaches to reducing tobacco use. Located in Washington, D.C., the foundation was created as a result of the November 1998 Master Settlement Agreement (MSA) reached between attorneys general from 46 states, five U.S. territories and the tobacco industry. To learn more about Legacy’s life-saving programs, visit

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