The dangers from smoking don’t stop once a cigarette is stubbed out. Cigarette butts leach toxic chemicals and carcinogens that pollute the environment. They’re poisonous to wildlife and can contaminate water sources. And they’re the number one littered item on US roadways and the number one item found on beaches and in waterways worldwide.

That’s why Legacy is partnering with the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics to encourage people to rethink cigarette butts and stop the toxic litter. Here’s how you can help:

Share The PSAs

Littered cigarette butts are more than just an eye sore; they actually leach toxic waste into the environment. Download and share these messages via social media, e-newsletters and emails. Together we can help everyone rethink butts and put an end to this form of toxic litter.

Check out the new PSAs.


Legacy and Leave No Trace teamed up on a PSA campaign to raise awareness about the toxic nature of cigarette butts.

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Get The Facts

While most people know that tobacco smoke is harmful to their health, many don’t realize that cigarette butts are dangerous too. But research shows the negative effects that tobacco litter has on the environment and its ecosystems.

  • Download a fact sheet here.
  • Read results from a new survey conducted by Legacy. 
  • Access a special supplement of Tobacco Control focusing on the environment.

Take Action

It’s easy to be part of the solution. If you’re a smoker, be mindful about how you dispose of your cigarette butts – don’t just throw them on the ground or out your car window. And everyone can tell others about what littered butts do to the environment. Our special toolkit is full of ways to help spread the word or organize a local clean-up. Download it here.

Learn More

  • Find out more about the “Rethink Butts” campaign from Legacy and the Leave No Trace Center. 
  • Follow Legacy on Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates on this and other tobacco-related issues.
  • Trash your trash! Read more about the dangers of cigarette butt litter from the Leave No Trace Center
  • Legacy brought together experts to talk about tobacco and the environment. See what they had to say here.

Additional Partners

Additional Resources

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