Legacy’s past grantmaking and technical assistance/training efforts have resulted in knowledge about a broad range of tobacco control issues and emerging strategies and interventions. To share this information with other organizations involved in tobacco control and public health, we've published a series of reports and profiles about our experiences.  They highlight key lessons learned from a wide range of community-based tobacco control projects that our partners and past grantees have implemented.


Community Centers Health Report 120x90

Help Your Patients Quit Tobacco Use: An Implementation Guide for Community Health Centers

A collaborative effort between Legacy and Partnership for Prevention, the guide is intended to help health centers integrate tobacco cessation into their clinical services.  The successes from statewide initiatives and health centers highlighted throughout the guide demonstrate the variety of routes that health centers can take to reach their goals and the innovative solutions that were used to overcome challenges along the way.

LGBT 120x90

Tobacco Control in LGBT Communities 

Our latest report examines the high prevalence of tobacco use in the Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender population and highlights key sociocultural factors underlying this issue. It includes examples of projects focused on addressing tobacco-related disparities in this population.

Head Start 120x90

Head Start Tobacco Cessation Initiative: Partnering for Healthier Children and Families

This report presents Legacy’s Head Start Tobacco Cessation Initiative as a systems-change model to provide access to evidence-based tobacco cessation and prevention services for low income Head Start families through capacity-building and community-based partnerships. 

Pacific Partners for Tobacco-Free Islands Report Cover 120x90

Pacific Partners for Tobacco Free Islands: Weaving Together Our Resources and Cultures to Address Tobacco Use

This monograph puts a spotlight on the tobacco control efforts of the US Associated Pacific Islands (USAPI). It highlights the unique cultural and socioeconomic aspects of tobacco control in various USAPI jurisdictions.

LEG-A Hidden Epidemic-01.17.2012 120x90

A Hidden Epidemic: Tobacco Use and Mental Illness

This report examines the high prevalence of tobacco use among people with mental illnesses. It also features examples of five projects to demonstrate how organizations have addressed the issue of tobacco use in this population.

LEG-Tobacco Control in Low_SES_Booklet-01.17.2012 120x90

Tobacco Control in Low SES Populations

This report highlights the concentrated, high prevalence of tobacco use and limited access to and use of effective prevention and cessation resources in low SES populations.  It explores evidence-based and promising practices to address these issues.

LEG-Small Innovative Grants Dissemination Booklet-01.17.2012 120x90

Small Innovative Grants:  Exploring Promising Programming in Tobacco Control

This overview galvanizes the concept of innovation and the importance of supporting promising new approaches. It highlights how Legacy’s Small Innovative Grants Program supported innovation by seeding new projects and enabling organizations to incubate promising strategies

LEG-Tobacco Control in Rural America-01.17.2012 120x90

Tobacco Control in Rural America

This publication highlights tobacco-related disparities facing rural areas and examines the challenges to tobacco control in these areas.  It also includes examples of interventions to demonstrate how organizations are addressing tobacco use in rural communities.

LEG-Collaboration Toolkit-01.17.2012 120x90

Collaboration Toolkit

This toolkit presents collaboration as a continuum of relationships and levels of engagement among the members of a collective effort.  It is designed to assist organizations in developing and strengthening their collaboration strategies for their programs.

LEG-Building Effective Collaborations Organizations and Communities--Working Together in Tobacco Control-01.17.2012 120x90

Building Effective Collaborations: Organizations and Communities Working Together in Tobacco Control

This publication broadens the discussion on collaboration and examines a variety of ways in which organizations can engage different partners and community members to implement a tobacco control and prevention program. 

LEG-Sustainability Beyond Dollars Organizations--- Achieving Long-Term Success in Community-Based Tobacco Control-01.17.2012 120x90

Sustainability Beyond Dollars:  Organizations Achieving Long-Term Success in Community-Based Tobacco Control

Sostenibilidad Mas Alla de los Dolares: Organizaciones Logrando el Exito a Largo Plazo en el Control del Tabaco Basado en la Comunidad

This report broadens the discussion on sustainability. It examines how a host of other factors besides financial resources determine the sustainability of a program and how organizations can enhance sustainability by taking a planned approach.

LEG-Community Voices Initiative -- Promoting Systems Change in Community Driven Tobacco Control (spread format)-01.17.2012 120x90

Community Voices Initiative: Promoting Systems Change in Community Driven Tobacco Control

Voces de la Comunidad: Una Iniciativa Promoviendo Cambio al Nivel de Sistemas Relacionado con el Control de Tabaco en la Comunidad

This publication examines how Legacy’s Community Voices grantees created systems-level changes to provide tobacco cessation and prevention services primarily to disadvantaged communities. 

LEG-Priority Populations Initiative- Breaking New Ground and Building Capacity in Cultural Tailoring-01.17.2012 120x90

Priority Populations Initiative: Breaking New Ground and Building Capacity in Cultural Tailoring

Iniciativa de Poblaciones de Priordad: Abriendo Nuevos Caminos y Desarrollando Capacidad en Adaptacion Cultural

This publication focuses on working effectively with the rainbow of cultures found in the US

LEG-Youth Empowerment- The Future of Tobacco Control in Action-01.17 120x90

Youth Empowerment: The Future of Tobacco Control in Action

Poder Juvenil: El Futuro de Control de Tabaco en Accion

This publication tells the history of Legacy’s Youth Empowerment Program, in which 18 state departments of health developed initiatives focused on encouraging young people to take leadership in tobacco control activities.

LEG-Listening to the Frontline in Cessation- Voices of Legacy Grantees-01.17.2012 120x90

Listening to the Frontline in Cessation: Voices of Legacy Grantees

This report highlights the Legacy’s commitment to supporting cessation and illustrates how organizations funded by Legacy are helping to change the landscape of public health education through cessation work.

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