According to environmental clean-up reports, cigarette butts are the No. 1 littered item on U.S. roadways and the No. 1 item found on beaches and waterways worldwide. 

Research findings published in a special supplement of the journal, Tobacco Control on April 19, 2011, provide evidence of the destructive impact that cigarette butts have on the environment and its ecosystems.  Click Here for a full report in journal, Tobacco Control.

  • This video features Legacy’s Immediate Past President and CEO, Cheryl Healton, Dr.PH.

    Warner Series: The Environmental Impact of Cigarettes

    An expert discussion on new research proving that cigarette waste and tobacco trash negatively affects the environment. 

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Cheryl Healton

Dr. Cheryl Healton

Immediate Past President and CEO, Legacy


Dr. Thomas Novotny

Professor of Global Health in the Graduate School of Public Health, San Diego State University

Caroline Kurtz, Ph.D.

Chief, Local Programs and Priority Populations Unit, California Tobacco Control Program

John E. Schneider, Ph.D.

Senior Director, Health Economics, Oxford Outcomes, Inc.

Bill Hickman

Surfrider Foundation, Rise Above Plastics Coordinator