Tobacco is the number-one preventable cause of death around the world, responsible for 6 million deaths each year. As nations enact life-saving regulations on tobacco products – especially ones that protect young people – their efforts are continually under attack by tobacco companies and their allies who claim they violate the international trade agreements that make consumer products readily available between countries.

On October 17, Legacy hosted an important discussion exploring the complex issues surrounding the Transpacific Partnership Agreement, the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control and their implications for U.S. tobacco control. This lecture delved into the regulation of clove and menthol products and other policies at risk of being negotiated away or overturned, undoing years of progress in the tobacco control and public health movement.

  • Warner Series: Tobacco Control Policy and Trade Negotiations

    Bartering Away the Will of the People

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Diane M. Canova

Vice President, Government Affairs, Legacy


Representative Sharon Treat

House District 79, State of Maine

Dr. Benn D. McGrady

Project Director, Initiative on Trade, Investment and Health, O'Neill Institute for National and Global Health Law, Adjunct Professor of Law at Georgetown University

Chris Bostic

Deputy Director for Policy, Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) – a civil society international law expert