With smoking prevalence among our servicemen and women estimated at 31% — far exceeding the current national rate of 19.3% — working to decrease these rates is critical. And as the U.S. Department of Defense now moves to implement comprehensive smoking cessation programs under TRICARE, this issue is at a crucial and timely juncture. Saving the lives of our young people and service members is vital, as tobacco remains the leading cause of preventable death in this nation.

In honor of Veterans Day, Legacy hosted a thought-leader discussion focused on smoking in the military and how curtailing tobacco use among military families stands to dramatically improve health, save lives and save money in the armed forces.

  • This video features Legacy’s Immediate Past President and CEO, Cheryl Healton, Dr.PH.

    Warner Series: Tobacco: A Winnable Battle for America's Armed Forces

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Cheryl Healton

Dr. Cheryl Healton

Immediate Past President and CEO, Legacy


Stuart Bondurant, MD

Professor of Medicine, Dean Emeritus, University of North Carolina, Chair of the Institute of Medicine's Committee on Smoking Cessation in Military and Veteran Populations

Colleen Haydon, MSW, MPH

Program Manager, Project UNIFORM (Undoing Nicotine Influence From Our Respected Military) where she builds military-civilian public health partnerships around the nation

Lee Mandel, MD, MPH

Physician with the United States Navy currently assigned as Command Flight surgeon, Naval Safety Center. Captain Mandel's previous assignments include tours as Senior Medical Officer aboard three US Navy aircraft carriers, recently USS GEORGE H.W. BUSH

William Winkenwerder Jr., MD, MBA

Chairman and CEO of The Winkenwerder Company, LLC. As Asst. Secretary of Defense in the Department of Defense from Oct. 2001 to Apr. 2007, Dr. Winkenwerder led the Military Health System and was the principal medical advisor to the Secretary of Defense.

Robert N. Proctor, PhD

Professor of the History of Science, Stanford University and author of Golden Holocaust: Origins of the Cigarette Catastrophe and the Case for Abolition (University of California Press, 2011)